The Day Of (本番当日 Honban Tōjitsu?) is the twenty-second chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia Vigilantes.


The chapter begins with Harusaburo Nanboku performing at the show atop the newly reopened Marukane Department StorePresent Mic announces that the afternoon portion of the show has ended. He also tells the audience that in a half hour, the evening portion would begin with the ensemble's (now called the FeatherHATS) performance. 

Present Mic and Midnight (Vigilantes)

In the greenroom, Kazuho Haneyama begins to feel nervous about going out on stage. Koichi Haimawari comments rudely on the bobcut being sported by the president of the East Naruhata High Dance SquadMidnight and Present Mic enter the greenroom.

Midnight remarks how the higher-ups from Marukane wanted to get popular heroes like All MightEndeavor, or Ingenium, but none of them could make it. Midnight asks Present Mic where Eraser Head is. Present Mic tells her that Aizawa told him he would go to the show if he could. 

Shota Aizawa restrains Teruo

Shota fighting a transformed Teruo.

Eraser Head walks along the streets towards the Marukane Department Store, hoping that a villain will appear and give him a excuse not to go to the show. A citizen nearby screams that a villain has appeared, and Eraser Head heads towards the frightful yells. On another street, citizens run for their lives from a large, lumbering Teruo Unagisawa.

Teruo has trouble moving with his newfound size as he awkwardly stumbles towards the Department Store. Eraser Head attempts to erase Teruo's Quirk after binding him, but finds that his ability doesn't work on the giant eel since the monstrous body is Teruo's only form.

Knuckleduster meets Kuin Hachisuka

Knuckleduster meets Kuin.

Teruo slips out of Eraser Head's bindings with his slimy skin and continues towards the store. Eraser Head attempts to hold him back. Teruo cries out for Pop, then begins to unleash a large blast of electricity with his Quirk: Eel. The surge of electricity causes a blackout in the surrounding area, including the show on top of the department store.

Kuin Hachisuka sits atop a nearby roof, watching as Teruo falls unconscious and collapses onto the floor. Kuin thinks about pumping Trigger into the panicking audience at the show. However, the voice in her earpiece advises against it. Knuckleduster approaches her as he puts on his taser knuckle. He then calls her by her real name, Tamao, and tells her to come home to her mother.

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  • This chapter was initially titled Sermon (説教 Sekkyō?) but was changed in the tankobon release.

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