Wounded Soul (心の怪我 Kokoro no Kega?) is the two hundred twenty-eighth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Barely dodging Geten's attack, Dabi first acknowledges to himself that his opponent is both tough and aggressive. He then goes on to warn Geten that he has gotten stronger himself, therefore he can tell that his opponent is tough as well. Geten replies, by telling Dabi that with his blue flames he is the League of Villain's sole wide-range attacker and questions why he has not used his blue flames already. He questions Dabi's motives and suggests that he might have issues with using his Meta Abilities. Annoyed, Dabi unleashes his blue flames on Geten and reminds him that ice melts. Geten's ice is destroyed and as he falls he calmly says that this could be a problem. As Geten continues to fall, he summons ice from a nearby convenience store using his Quirk. While riding on top of an ice dragon, Geten tells Dabi that he can manipulate all types of ice. The figure explains that he never needed to go to school, and instead spent all of his time training his Quirk. Mr. Compress worries about the League of Villains’ surroundings as Dabi and Geten create a large Cremation-Ice wall. Twice finds an unconscious Himiko Toga, later crying because she won't wake up. Twice is found by five Human Puppets of himself. This is traumatic for Twice, because he thought that the "real" him was dead.

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