Tuning Up (チューニング Chūningu?) is the two hundred fourth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Some time after Tenya passed the Provisional Hero License Exam, he visited his brother Tensei while he was recovering in hospital. Tensei mentions to Tenya that it might be time for his engine's "tuning". Tensei tells Tenya that in the Iida family, "tuning" of the engine involves removing the mufflers that exit from the calves, which incurs an extreme amount of pain. After a while, improved mufflers grow in, allowing for increased performance. Tenya performed the tuning of his engines before the Joint Training Battle.

Using his new Recipro Turbo move made possible with his tuned engines, Tenya breaks free of the ground that Juzo trapped him in. Although Tenya has difficulty controlling his new move, his immense speed forces Juzo to retreat by softening the ground into a liquid and swimming away within it. With Juzo out of the picture for now, Tenya moves out to find his other teammates.

Izuku, having watched Tenya's new move, claims that it is faster than Gran Torino's. Mina, Ochaco, Hanta and Kyoka watch the video footage of the battle, and notice Mashirao fending off Sen in a typical melee. Mashirao notices that Sen has extremely hard support items on his fingers, making his drill attacks very dangerous. Before Sen can land another hit on Mashirao, Tenya speeds past, capturing Sen and running off to put him in the Class 1-B jail. Sen asks Tenya why he would interfere in a one-on-one fight, to which Tenya replies that his brother would have done the same, and that if he is to do this in the real world as a Hero, he must do it in training too.

Elsewhere, Tetsutetsu fights against Shoto, easily punching through Shoto's ice wall defenses with his steel fists. Katsuki suggests that Shoto should use his fire, not his ice to defeat Tetsutetsu. Shoto comes to the same conclusion and launches a wall of flames at Tetsutetsu. While the wall of flames forces Pony and her horns to retreat, it has little effect on Tetsutetsu, except making him glow red hot.

Tetsutetsu explains that his heat resistance came from training by living within a hearth. He grabs Shoto and tells him that half-hearted hot and cold attacks will do nothing to him. As Tetsutetsu says this while attempting to make him lose consciousness, Shoto remembers his father's words about surpassing his limits using his fire side.

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Chapter Notes

  • Tensei reveals a feature about the Engine Quirk.
  • Tetsutetsu reveals that he has trained his Quirk to the point where it can withstand Shoto's Half-Cold Half-Hot with ease.

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