Tag Team! (タッグ結成! Taggu Kessei!?) is the seventeenth chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's Vigilante - My Hero Academia: Illegals.


While the group enjoys the sights of Tokyo, Koichi Haimawari remains calm as advice from his dad. He later spots souvenirs of All Might including an exclusive hoodie, which his mother believes is a waste of money though he buys one regardless.

While arriving at the bus, Koichi’s mother comments on how she would prefer having Makoto around instead of her son. While that is happening, a cat hops onto a bus and gets injected with one of Kuin’s bees, causing the bus to morph into a cat bus—due to its Monster Cat Quirk—and go out of control. Knuckleduster notices the ruckus it’s causing and decides to take maneuvers to stop it. He calls Kazuho Haneyama for assistance when mentioning Koichi’s in the bus as she brought him a feather duster and duct tape.

Everyone in the bus is panicking until Ingenium comes to the rescue as he enters the bus. The driver informs him he cannot use the brake or steer the vehicle, to which the Pro Hero notices it would be difficult to stop something so big. Koichi notices his master is in front of the vehicle, holding a cat toy, and tossed it behind him for the bus to swerve it in a different direction. It is on an express lane, heading to a destroyed overpass and giving a five minute time-limit to the heroes. Team Pit O2 comes on its way with a truck, including their new recruit, Enigma, to grab the passengers with her Quirk and put them in the other vehicle. Koichi’s group are the last three people to be rescued, but Kuin gives the cat an extra dose of Trigger, causing it to move away with Makoto on board.

Right as Ingenium is about to save the last passenger, he starts to run out of gas until The Crawler catches up and gives him some juice. Someone from the pit crew states they have less than two minutes until the cat reaches the edge of the overpass as the duo make their move.

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This chapter was initially titled Partner (相棒 Aibō?), but this was amended in the volume release.

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