At the Construction Site is the one hundredth and seventy seventh chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia Manga.


Izuku has smashed Gentle into the construction site, which catches a citizen's attention. La Brava excuses Izuku and Gentle's battle with the statement that they are filming and to pass on to his neighbors. Izuku has landed on the construction site and recovers quickly, thanking Mei and Mina for their help respectively. On the other hand, Gentle's jacket is caught on a construction beam, hanging Gentle in mid-air. Refusing to waver, Gentle plans on going through with his infiltration while Izuku asks about Gentle's objective. As La Brava runs toward the construction site, Gentle prefers for Izuku not to lump him as being the same as the League of Villains since he has no plans on pillaging or plundering. As La Brava reaches them, Izuku tells Gentle that the moment he enters U.A's Cultural Festival the alarm will go off and the festival will be cancelled immediately with nowhere for him to run. The alarms do not concern Gentle as his partner in crime, La Brava will render the alarms ineffective. Gentle

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