'Senior' (先輩 Senpai?)r is the twelfth chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's Vigilante - My Hero Academia: Illegals.


After the run in with Stendhal, Kouichi resumes his life at college. However, he is struggling with the college work. At college, a female college student asks to sit next to him and inquires about his book, to which Kouichi allows and shows her his Hero Sociology book. The female notes that it is a difficult book and says that she will help him. One of the other female college students identifies her as Makoto. Makoto says that Kouichi will help her on an errand and in return she will help him with his studies.

At Kouichi's home, Pop Step is inside reading a book and overhears Kouichi and Makoto. Pop Step goes to hide while Kouichi unlocks his door and asks Makoto to wait outside while he tidies up the place. Kouichi finishes cleaning up his home and invites Makoto in. After seeing Kouichi's class registration form, Makoto offers to give Kouichi lcture notes and past exam questions but he must handle attendance himself. Moving on to Kouichi's main problem, Hero Sociology, Makoto reviews the third chapter of Kouichi's book; Vigilantism's Conflicts with the Official Hero System. Makoto explains to Kouichi that Vigilantism is a transitional period; as society begins to stabilize, vigilantism begins to waver and/or be absorbed by the official Hero System.

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