The Capturing Weapon (捕縛武器 Hobaku Buki?) is a weapon used by Shota Aizawa and Hitoshi Shinso.


Shota's Capturing Weapon is a cloth-like equipment made from carbon fibers and a special metal alloy.[1] Shota wears it around his neck at all times.

He is able to manipulate the weapon to ensnare his targets and immobilize them. He uses the weapon as a powerful combo with his Erasure Quirk and as a precaution for Mutant-type Quirk users who are immune to his nullification power.[2]


  • It was noted by Shota that it took him 6 years to master the capturing weapon.
  • This weapon appears to react towards Shota's Erasure Quirk in a way similar to his hair, although it's unknown why this happens.


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