• MHAWEEB101


    November 21, 2019 by MHAWEEB101

    hi i am new here but i have been waching anime for a little bit so just wanted to say hi to all my other anime friends out there! if you are sad remember this quote: in order for a rainbow there must be rain. have a great day talk to you all tommorrw! when i come back with another uplifing quote.

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  • Savannahj838

    I'm new here...

    November 20, 2019 by Savannahj838

    Since I'm new to the Hero Academia Wiki, obviously I have not watched it yet. I am planning to on CrunchyRoll, though. Can someone tell me if I should watch it? Here are some things that I like in anime.

    Touch of romance, action. That's literally it. xD

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  • すべての神123

    Yay! It’s the last day of school! That’s probably what, scratch that, that’s what everyone is thinking right now, in this crowded, loud hallway. I have no opinion on the day of school, wether its the first, second, or last. The lunch bell just rang, so everyone’s rushing down to get the good food, before all thats left are the salads. I brought my own lunch today, so I have no reason to run, push or shove. Not that I would want to do that even if I didn’t have a lunch. I head up to my normal spot for lunch. Taking the stairs, I headed to the roof. Students aren’t allowed to be on the roof, unless its for a class assighnment, but it’s not like anyone’s going to tell me to go down. It’d be funny to see them try though. Lunch is decent today,…

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  • Princessandthe roppy

    Feel happier

    November 15, 2019 by Princessandthe roppy

    This was so much fun to make

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  • すべての神123


    November 13, 2019 by すべての神123

    Hey! This is my first blog post post, so we’ll see how this goes.

    Currently I’m creating Class 1-Ω, a fanfic of a classroom not open to the eyes of reporters and other classes. I’ve got 10/20 of the students, and no teacher. If ya’ll want to contribute character ideas, character arks, relationships, I can most definitely put it in my story!

    P.S.- Ω is Omega, the last letter of the Greek alphabet. Read more >
  • Princessandthe roppy

    Day 3

    November 13, 2019 by Princessandthe roppy

    Day 3 of making you guys happy. I hope this will brighten your day or night. Please keep smiling and always brighten up a room. Todays funny image is something that my friend sent me. This is going to be really weird and I might get a lot of hatred for this. But hey ya gotta take risks.

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  • Princessandthe roppy

    I feel like Bakugou would be the next Gordon Ramsay. I mean the curses a lot and he has anger issues. He fits the job really well I hope this made your day brighter. Have a wonderful day or night this is princessandthe roppy signing out.

    P.S. My friend sent me this photo and the second I saw it I busted out laughing. I mean it's so funny that I just... I just can't.

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  • Princessandthe roppy

    So I feel like some of you are upset about something right now. So I decided to take it upon myself to brighten your day. With meme's everyday to show that life is funny and all around weird so DAY 1!.

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  • Lonelyrabbit

    bnha puns

    November 8, 2019 by Lonelyrabbit

    hi! I want your best puns involving this fandom, here is my own to start it off. What is Bakugo's least favorite craft? DEEEEKU-page!

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  • Kiroshima123456789

    Himiko Toga

    November 4, 2019 by Kiroshima123456789

    Toga is a wary wired um how do I say this? CREEP! Does any one even know what he quirk is?And what is with the fangs? I need ansers people! Someone give me ansers NOW! And someone plese like,share,and fallow! Bye!!! KIrashima out!

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  • NotheOtherNate

    Not sure this is the place to write about this buuuuut.

    I was playing around with the idea of what If Inko Midoriya was the one to Inherit OFA instead of Toshi. Sounds silly, but for the life of me, I can't stop thinking about how this would effect things. A scenario where the two people Izuku wanted approval from most turned out to be the same person.

    A lot of the story is up in the air at the moment, so I just want to chat about it and see what people things thought about it.

    Some things that I feel kinda have to be there are.

    • Inko's hero persona needs to be no. 1 (Currently I just have her also being call All Might with similar fame, but that could come off as a bit lazy)
    • Inko's here persona needs to look and act differently enough to not ma…
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  • Rainbowmiracles

    So I just wanted to see what you guys think about this. Doesn’t Midoriya sound exactly the same as Bakugou whenever he shouts things like, “Shut up!” “Damn it!” And so on... (like with Muscular or in MHA:Two Heroes)

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  • BeamishBull


    October 31, 2019 by BeamishBull

    I decided to come here because I got blocked on another wiki for a day, and because I like action type anime. I'm here to pass the time and interact with other people because school can be really boring sometimes.

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    October 30, 2019 by ANGRYME12

    What if Earser Head used his quirk on the invisible girl.

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  • KiriBaku&ArminFanBoy


    October 29, 2019 by KiriBaku&ArminFanBoy

    Anyone care to talk?

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  • KiriBaku&ArminFanBoy


    October 29, 2019 by KiriBaku&ArminFanBoy


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  • Ph Moises


    October 29, 2019 by Ph Moises

    I'm new 

    My favorite Hero is Deku san 

    In Villain I like Kai Chisaki

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  • Ryuto12

    top ten OP quirks

    October 26, 2019 by Ryuto12

    1.rewind, easily the best

    2. afo ( all for one)

    3. ofa ( one for all )

    4. half cold half hot

    5. explosion

    6. dark shadow

    anymore ideas??

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  • ThatPansexualWeeb
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  • The Average Brainlet


    October 21, 2019 by The Average Brainlet

    umm... so there's something wrong, every once in a while when I post, it won't allow me too when I click it, idk if this has to do with the guidelines (which I've checked and I don't believe there is something wrong), or there's something wrong with the wiki. 

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  • LegendBladerTV

    My phone for some reason not charging. I'm using a tablet. This is just to tell y'all because I've been offline for a while. Until I can work my phone, I won't be posting like I usually do. ;)

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  • Lover of the Muse

    I did a page like this a few months ago but now I'm giving it another shot. Trying to predict how much ground Season 4 is going to cover and what specifically will be in each episode. I'm predicting this season will cover not just the Shie Hassaikai Arc but the Remedial Course Arc and the U.A. School Festival Arc.

    # title chapters adapted ch per ep
    1 The scoop on U.A Class1A 0 (filler) NA
    2 Overhaul 125-126 2
    3 Boy Meets.... 127-128 2
    4 Fighting Fate 129-131 3
    5 Let's go Gutsy, Red Riot ! 132-134 3
    6 An unpleasant Conversation 135-136 2
    7 Go! 137-138 2
    8 Suneater of the big 3 139-141 3
    9 Let's Rumble Rappa! 142-143 2
    10 Red Riot 144-146 3
    11 Twoga! 147-149 3
    12 Lemillion 150-152 3

    Episode 15 is a semi-filler episode. It expands on the Ryuku Squad vs. Ri…

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  • ShadowSpider23


    October 13, 2019 by ShadowSpider23

    hello, I'm new to this wiki. I hope to rant abou random bnha/mha based sh*t.

    ShadowSpider23 (talk) 17:50, October 13, 2019 (UTC)Shadowspider23

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  • Lover of the Muse

    Here are my thoughts on chapter 246.

    We get to see that Tomura Shigaraki did significant damage to his own body when he unleashed his Decay quirk against Re-Destro and the Meta Liberaton Army. Several parts of Shigaraki's arm appear to be missing layers of skin, the scars and cracks reach all the way up his arm to his kneck annd chest.

    Dr. Ujiko exposits about how Tomura's quirk has evolved and asks Tomura why he seeks even more power.

    "It's true...I have no more need for delicate moves. But I doubt this boost has made me unbeatable. Just ask CEO baldy he's still alive and kicking. And look at this arm. I went all out one time and this is what happened. How many of them are we going to face huh?"

    I immediately drew a parallel between Tomura and …

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  • IShipTodoDeku

    Quirk Naming

    October 11, 2019 by IShipTodoDeku

    Okay. We all know these kids have powers called quirks. Each quirk has a name to identify the quirk (also a certain action(s)). So, how are quirks named?

    Some quirks like Endeavor’s Hellflame and Dabi’s Cremation, are just odd words for hot fire? I mean come on.

    And then there’s people like Tsu’s Frog, being pretty accurate.

    Do you think there’s a whole list of quirk names already, or do the people get to name them?

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  • No9ah10

    So I recently had an epiphany moment relating to how Horikoshi names some of his manga chapters and in some cases, side chapters and the movie. Once understanding this it creates so many implications for the future of the story. (Or I'm just overthinking this) But before I lose you dear reader I'm going to explain.

    I'm sure most of you if not all of you are aware of the format Horikoshi tends to use when delving into the backstory of a character for a moment in a chapter/episode. The Origin Suffix.

    • Chapter 1: Izuku Midoriya: Origin
    • Chapter 39: Shoto Todoroki: Origin
    • Chapter 62: Katsuki Bakugo: Origin
    • (Spoiler) Chapter 235/236: Tenko Shimura: Origin (Parts 1 and 2)
    • (Spoiler) Chapter 237: Tomura Shigaraki: Origin

    At first glance this seems just like…

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  • Banana jin

    new stats

    October 7, 2019 by Banana jin

    new stats

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  • BestXboi

    premiere partay

    October 7, 2019 by BestXboi

    me and my frens are sUpeR puMPeD for the season 4 premiere so we is havin a party

    iss gonna be  L I T  fam

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  • DekuKun1234

    In the last character book, it was confirmed that Thirteen is a female.

    So if someone can, please edit this page and change the gender from 'unknown' to 'female'.

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  • Sushiisthebestfoodever

    Izuku Midorya

    September 25, 2019 by Sushiisthebestfoodever


    This is how I feel on Izuku:

    Izuku might look soft but he is STRONG.  Some people may call him brocolie, but I love brocolie.  

    When we first see Izuku, he seems like a crybaby.  I mean he's a wimp, he couldn't even say one thing to defend himself when Katsuki told him to comit suicide.  Honestly, I would have at least told him to shut up.  But later on we see that Izuku is a stong peice of broco- I mean a strong fighter.  Either way he's ONE of my husbandos.  Also he's the main character, buuuuut no one realy cares about that.

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  • Formaggioarte

    Happy Birthday!

    September 24, 2019 by Formaggioarte

    Happy birthday to Momo Yaoyorozu! She's such a beautiful baby-

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  • Zeref Fullbuster

    The reasons Dabi is Shoto's eldest brother Toya since his origins are unknown. Also Dabi knows the game Shogi and hates fish.

    1. Dabi knew Shoto's and Endeavor's real names.

    2. The canon name of Dabi's quirk is still unknown but his blue flames are stronger and hotter and a flashback in Chapter 202 reveals that Toya's Fire Quirk is stronger than Endeavor's Hellflame and like Izuku with One for All both quirks are too much for their bodies to handle which results in purple colored skin it could even happen to Shoto (even with his ice side) or Endeavor since blue fire is stronger than red-orange fire.

    3. Dabi had a Nomu (Chainsaw) on standby but didn't use it in battle and noticed Yuga Aoyama hiding in the bushes but didn't attack him.

    4. In Cha…

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  • Kirigou

    What is UPPPPP

    September 13, 2019 by Kirigou

    Lol, you saw teh title, nothing ia going on rn, but i did fracture two growth plates, and tore a muscle, so that sucks, but anyways,bye strangers

    p.s bakugou is making me walk when i'm supossed to rest this, lol hes a great father, i'll keep you posted on my life with bakugou, kirishima, and friends with other U.A friends if u follow and tag meh. If ur new, Lol what p, losers.

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  • Lover of the Muse

    Bystander Effect

    September 8, 2019 by Lover of the Muse

    The Bystander Effect/Diffusion of Responsibility is a recurring motif in My Hero Academia. In the most recent arc we learned that Tenko Shimura grew up with an abusive father who would lock him outside for the night and beat him just for mentioning heroes. Tenko's mother and grandparents knew what was happening, they watched it, but did nothing to protect Tenko. Later on when Tenko Shimura is wandering the streets everyone ignores him, thinking it's not their responsibility and that a hero will come along and handle this kid.

    This motif was introduced in the very first chapter of the series.Early in the 1st chapter we see Bakugo explode Izuku's desk in plain view of the teacher and the rest of the students. Izuku scampers backwards, terrifi…

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  • Lover of the Muse

    Between August 7th 2018 and February 2nd 2019, I wrote a series of seven blogs filled with ideas for future My Hero Academia story arcs.  Most of the potential story arcs I've come up with could still theoretically happen but some of my ideas have been disproven by more recent developments in the story.

    Meta Liberation Army arc: In "Independent Villain Arcs", the first installment of my blog series, I predicted we were going to get an arc focused on the Meta/Quirk Liberation Army. While I was correct that such an arc would happen, I got the details of the arc completely wrong.

    Prior to his defeat and imprisonment in Tartarus, Destro led a paramillitary terrorist group called the Quirk Liberation Army to fight for a society where those born …

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  • Oof boi 9

    Hello this is Oof Boi 9 here and today I'm going to explain my theory about how Deku and Doomfist are related. Or technically it's a hypothesis since it's probably never gonna be confirmed but yeah try and stop me. Okay so our first point of evidence is that Deku is like really strong or something. Doomfist has been shown to be able to crack through pavement and stone and stuff. I think that one just speaks for itself. The second piece of evidence is that All for One gets stronger over time. Doomfist has like a s*** ton of physical strength and has a really burly body and stuff so he must be a really high level mutant with All for One. I'm not sure if this was just a bug with my game but Doomfist loses a small amount of health when he uses…

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  • DekuOneForAll76

    Who is excited of my season 4 of my hero academia

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  • Ochaco.2456


    September 3, 2019 by Ochaco.2456

    Yeah Deku doesn't actively "like" Ochako like she does him, but at the same time it's easy to see that he has shown the most attraction towards her. Both physically and emotionally Deku has shown his interest in Ochako several times.I know a lot of people think they will end up dating, and I think they will just because its the whole "Main Boy x Main Girl" thing, and it will probably happen. The other answers on here are definitely not wrong. I just have something's to say about how they might not end up dating, or at least not for a while. oh god, do you remember the train wreck that happened with Hatsume. Jesus Christ. Also, remember that time during chapter 173 with Neijire, and Izuku commenting on her appearance? I couldn't get a pictu…

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  • Gacha W1Z4RD

    So I saw one blog post that Season of MHA is coming out in October 12th. I know it's in October, but is it on the 12th?

    Just wondering-

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  • Sage.vega

    Gran Torino, Sir Nighteye! Would it be cool if Mirko can be Deku's Next Intern and Female Combat Trainer? Cause not only would it give her more screen time, but because it would allow her to help him increase his self-confidence and learning that he needs to stand on his own two feet. Also she could teach him new fighting techniques that would help improve his Shoot Style

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  • Megistos86

    I rad the recent chapter, and i love the reference to The Exorcist

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  • Shiroiusagi503

    List of My OCs

    August 29, 2019 by Shiroiusagi503

    Sai-Female-Fire Quirk-Basically Me If I Was In Mha-Short Brown Hair-Brown Eyes-Light Brown Skin-Shy On The Outside, Fiery Temper-13-Hero Name Rekka-

    Tamashi Yurei-Female-Talks To And Fights With Ghosts-Short Black Bob-Black Eyes-Pale Skin-Quiet, No Temper-13-Hero Name re:Soul-

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  • Kid Guardain

    Ask my Ocs

    August 23, 2019 by Kid Guardain

    Kid here! This is an ask me blog to my oc, so you got question ask away!!


    Lilith- Age: 5 Personality: Humble and shy doesn't trust herself 

    Annabelle- Age:15 Personality: Over the top, Brawn in the family, ready to fight, 

    Liam- Age: 15 Personality: Brain, Sassy is his middle name, three steps ahead 

    Emperpor- Age: 41 Personaltiy: kind, Humble, honest, father figure 

    Chariot- Age: 29 Personality: Rude, Straight-foward, Childish

    Ask these character above!! 

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  • Villaindekukun1


    August 22, 2019 by Villaindekukun1

    Tododeku is a bnha fav ships Villaindekukun1 (talk) 18:45, August 22, 2019 (UTC)Deku

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  • TyA

    Your New Wiki Manager

    August 21, 2019 by TyA

    Hello everyone, I am TyA. I am the My Hero Academia Wiki's new Wiki Manager. Part of my job is to help your community in anyway I can and to serve as a liaison between the wiki and full time fandom staff. So if you ever need help with anything, such as wiki bots, templates, etc, feel free to leave a message on my wall or message me on Discord (@ty#0768, I can be found on the wiki's discord) and I'll do my best to assist you. :)

    Also Tsu is best girl. [[User:TyA|]] 08:24, August 21, 2019 (UTC)

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  • V0rtex Maker

    So in the tournament arc we all remeber Deku showing Todoroki that his fire is his. How he should accept all parts of him. And with what we know now about one for all and Black Whip , I really wanna see a rematch. I want to see a direct mirror of the match where Todoroki is trying to make Deku use Black Whip and Deku u is hesitant just like Todoroki was. I feel like that'd be neat to see!

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  • TodorokiShoto123

        Ok, so we have all heard about the My Hero Academia season 4. Well if I want to put my output out there let's say I'm a new fan. I see the new season and I dont know what it is talking about. Well its just like starting in the middle of the manga series that they have about this show. 

       I have seen all the episodes and have been waiting for this season to come out. So what I want to know is how long have you guys been waiting for the new season that is coming on October 12th?

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  • Ochaco.2456

    my hero academia

    August 8, 2019 by Ochaco.2456

    Ochaco is the best character her love for deku

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  • Soma "my wife left me and took the kids" Proxy

    I don't wanna get too heavy on power level discussion or anything of the sorts so I'll just make it as simple as I can.

    I'll be pretty honest, since the moment I saw Shiggy crumble Re-Destro's Stress Output Burden attack to a literal shockwave that decimated all of Deika city it left me in a strong state of awe with how far he's come as a character. Of course, this whole post isn't going to be me kissing ass or anything but rather asking the question; given his current development in the story and eventual soon to come further increase in power, will Shiggy be or NOT be the final villain of the series.

    It genuinely gets me curious because when I see the likes of Overhaul and High End (I brought a Nomu into the mix, go figure) and how insanel…

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  • Lover of the Muse

    My Hero Academia isn't just the story of how Izuku Miidoriya becomes the world's greatest hero, it's also the story of how Tomura Shigaraki becomes the world's greatest villain. I believe that All For One will someday transfer his quirk to Shigaraki.

    Izuku Midoriya was quirkless and Tenko Shimura was believed to be quirkless; but both dreamed of becoming heroes in spite of this. There is also another parallel between their origins.

    In chapter 1/episode 1 In chapter 1/episode 1 of the series we see Katsuki Bakugo explode Izuku's desk then, Izuku scampers into the corner and Bakugo stands over him yelling. All this is done in full view of the teacher and the other students and nobody helps Izuku. This moment implies that the torment Izuku suff…

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