• Megistos86

    I am gathering here some of the best known theories of MHA. I've always liked to talk about this kind of thing. Which ones do you think will become true?

    • Dabi is Toya Todoroki
    • Dr. Tsubasa is Daruma Ujiko
    • Related to the previous one, Izuku born with a quirk and it was stolen.
    • AFO is, in some way, responsible for Shigaraki's quirk and the death of his family
    • The Villain Factory from Vigilantes is connected with the League of Villains
    • AFO is Izuku's father
    • Hisashi Midoriya is a Villain
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  • Zuki and Fugoni

    I need to know if I can make a blog relating to my website that I created, which is for people who have OCs that want more people, not just in the community, to know about. So again, would it be possible for me to do that? If this is a violation to the rules, then I am sorry for my mistake I made of not reading the right sections of the rulebook. 

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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  • TomurA5

    From the blog I did where I explained the idea I had for a new arch, I came up with many ideas and wanted to know which of these three ideas they prefer to start a new blog:

    • The past of Gang Orca and Uwabami attacked again, the Wild Villains who joined with the Volcano Thieves are preparing a great attack against humanity and they are the only ones capable of stopping them.

    • Class 1-A travels to the United States on a school trip where Izuku would find his father but they and Class 1-A would be attacked by a terrorist named The Collector.

    • It's not a story, it's a Pro Hero that was very important in an event called the Toxic Chainsaw Massacre.

    Which idea do you like the most? --TomurA5 (talk) 19:17, May 18, 2019 (UTC)

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  • Lover of the Muse

    My Hero Academia-Alternate Worlds (僕のヒーローアカデミア-オールタネート・ワールズ) is a spin-off concept I came up with, I might write a fanfiction about this at some point.

    Alternate Worlds is an anthology of stories each taking place in a different alternate universe.

    Some of these stories will explore how MHA could have unfolded if key moments in it's story had occured differently than they had in the canonical story.  Other stories may feature alternate histories for the characters or show societies that are different from what we see in the main series.

    Because the Alternate Worlds stories take place outside the continuity of the main series they can feature things like character deaths or the victory of evil; they can also go way goofier than the main series …

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  • Little.Miss.Concealed

    So,I'd really like to hear all of your quirk ideas that are not yet included in the Boku No Hero Academia anime/manga. I may try to give some feedback but from this point, feel free to comment all of your ideas onto this little blog!

    I'll probably post a few of mine, and yes, I'd love it if you guys could give me some feedback as well! Plus ultra young heroes!


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  • Akumushigaraki

    Toga x Dabi

    May 16, 2019 by Akumushigaraki

    so this blog post is about toga x dabi and who there kid would be.

    so what i picture for ther kid to look like has thoughs purple skin that dabi has and pail blond strat hair. his quirk is blue fire but the down side is that he has to eat about a gallen of blood to use his quirk for about an hour 1/2 so tats that.  but his personality is more dark, he loves to kill anything he see's. he is a definet villen but is also a jumpy one. he feeles that being quiet will not get him any fame for being the next top villen.

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  • Akumushigaraki

    So this post today is about Akumu Shigaraki. her parents are Shigaraki and kurogiri. she has Galixy purple hair and green eyes with smoke poring out of them. her quirk is decay and warping. she has pail blue skin and scratch marks all over her face and neck. she is 16 years old and 5'3 ft tall she is a rather quiet girl and loves to tutch things.  the school that she atends is the most highest school on there world, my hero academia. her best friends is dekus kid. her parents want her to go there to get closer to deku so she can strike but in reality she wants to be a hero.

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  • Desboy96

    Hey everyone, it's been a while since I've made a blog. Over the course of the last week, I've been going through the interview process for a Wiki Manager position with Fandom. Furusato, the Director of Anime for Fandom contacted me to join his Anime team. There is a new initiative for staff to help build up the anime communities on fandom.

    Furusato contacted me after seeing the fruits of my labor here on My Hero Academia Wiki. After about a weeks time, my longtime dream of working for Wikia/Fandom has come true and I've been officially hired as of yesterday May 15th, 2019.

    It hasn't always been easy here at My Hero Fandom but it has always been fun. In my two years here I managed to learn so much, made a lot of amazing friends, and helped t…

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  • Lover of the Muse

    I predict that the next arc or the arc after next will be the final Exam for the Second Term of Izuku's first year at U.A.

    For those of you who don't know, the Japanese high school year is broken up into three terms with vacation breaks in between each. The first term starts in early April and ends in late July, after that is Summer vacation. The second term starts in early September and ends in late December, then comes Winter Break. The final term begins in early January and ends in late March.

    Horikoshi has made a point of showing that the weather is changing and the students are wearing their Winter Uniforms; in-universe I think it's December for the characters.

    Also Japanese High School lasts for 3 years instead or 4 years like in Americ…

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  • Akumushigaraki

    Hi im Akumu shigaraki, and this is my first blog post... so well... you no how the my hero academia ends in seson three? i was thinking what if the carictores hooked up? and maby had kids?

    well my blog is going to be all about that so what do you think? welcome to the next jen of the fandom!
    so ok your probibly wondering why my names diforrent than my profile thats because im the kid of him and kuogiri. i no that a wered ship but i think that it worked out! so as soon as i get a pic of my O.C. i'll change my profile. Thanks guys!!!


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  • LaylaIsaku

    Uh.. hi?

    May 13, 2019 by LaylaIsaku

    Hi, I'm Layla Isaku, I'm 16 and in Class-1A. My quirk is called Devils rage, I can summon demons and 'Teleport', its not really teleporting but ok they call what they call it. I'm long time friends with the Baku squad, they're fun to be around well Katsuki is kind of mean but ok. I'm friends with Deku and Todoroki but we don't really talk that much. I usually just stay to myself or keep with my friends when I can. I sit in the back of the classroom with Todoroki, which is fun I guess.

    My family is just my Mom, my Sister and me. My father died due to an..... accident that happened one day. My mother is quirkless and my sister is only three so she hasn't manifested her quirk yet. I have scars on my body for a reason and I don't really talk a…

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  • S3r0-Ph1i


    May 13, 2019 by S3r0-Ph1i

    Kirishima’s well known adoration for a choice pair of crocs is common knowledge. In actual fact it is canon information, true story.

    Yes ideally Kirishima in crocs should be in every manga panel, each second of anime. Truly, is it really a tall order to simply change the title of the series from “My Hero Academia” to “Kiricroco crocs Crocoshima”? Really do not think that is really not too much to ask now.

    From the Discussions post the consensus was absolute, everyone agrees in what was a no holds croc fest with everyone’s favourite crocs loving superhero! It is excellent indeed that other Discussions posts also get the attention they deserve, yet it simply will not do for this is one to disappear under newer ones, especially when it is offic…

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  • MargoDiamond


    May 6, 2019 by MargoDiamond

    Hoiyoz ppl! i wanna say hi to all of you. here is a bnha crack to make your day

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  • WoddieLaddie

    The manga chapter starts out with two boys telling a younger boy to use his quirk to turn leaves into 10,000 yen bills. The boy tells them that he can’t do it, and that the money will revert back to leaves after some time.

    Eijiro Kirishima, desperate to stop the bullies from provoking the boy, stands up to them, telling them to pick on someone their own size and indirectly calling them, ‘unmanly.’

    The two boys identify Kirishima as a senior and notice him charging straight for them. The two boys don’t seem panicked but calm as he rushes towards them. They beat him by throwing a large rock at Kirishima’s face, which doesn’t cause much damage but slows him down. However, Kirishima cries out in pain. The boys don’t seem bothered and take the yo…

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  • WoddieLaddie

    Idk. Bakugo, for me, is the strongest in Class 1-A since Midoriya can’t use his quirk as well as All Might can. Todoroki is no match for Bakugo either. What do you guys think?

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  • PastelRxse

    Who I am!

    May 2, 2019 by PastelRxse

    Hello! I'm PastelRxse, but you can call me Rose, Charlotte (My irl name) or Pastel. I am 14 years old and I LOVE Bnha, it's probably the best anime I will ever watch. I hope that we can all be friends.


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  • Rynerath

    reply down below

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    April 26, 2019 by XBAKUGOUBOIx

    h-hello im Joyreohna and i can be shy at times and im not that social and mostly quiet half the time in my school when i get older i want to be an anime editor my self and make peace between the war of one peice and bnha, and if i had a quirk (in real life) it would probably be sleepy aura (GET ZERO SLEEP T~T) and i like undertale a bit. (ps i need to change the title but idk how to -_-)

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  • TTryAgainLater

    Sup my dudes

    April 26, 2019 by TTryAgainLater

    So hello i like to draw so if you want a character drawn then feel free to leave there names in th comments

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  • Tropicalcyclone1


    April 17, 2019 by Tropicalcyclone1

    so me and my sister were bored these holidays so we started to write a group chat fanfiction with some of the characters. she sent in a request to post it on AO3 (Archive Of Our Own) but I was wondering if there was anywhere else we could post it.

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  • Sandmanisgay

    Quirk types

    April 14, 2019 by Sandmanisgay

    This kinda relates to my last post about quirks being passed down so here we go. I'm gonna lay out the basics and then explain what I'm trying to get at

    There are three Quirk types in the anime being...

    Emitter types: They release substances or change materials, and require some form of concentration may it be a little bit or a lot and are the most common type of quirk found in the BNHA universe. Some examples are

    Explosion-Bakugou Katuski

    Navel Laser-Yuga Aoyama

    Acid-Ashido Mina

    Erasure-Aizawa Shota

    Mutant types: They are exactly what they say they are, quirks that are apart of the user's body, and are not typical of the pre-quirk era physicality. They are also constantly on, and often have more complicated abilities than Emitter or transformati…

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  • Sandmanisgay

    Okay, so quirks are passed down by Mendelian inheritance-Punnett squares. in case you haven't been to 7th-grade science, it works like this, parents have some combination of dominant and recessive traits, in this case, quirks, these are represented by uppercase and lowercase letters. The uppercase letters are dominant and will always be visible when passed down. The lowercase letters can only be visible when paired with another recessive trait, so you wouldn't know you had that recessive trait until it was visible.

    so the mutations in quirks might not necessarily be mutations they could just be, recessive traits being combined and finally be visible, but that's not to say all mutations are, just receive traits.

    Now into the thing that I have…

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  • Villain Deku is depressed
    Yo! Let's talk about Bakugou! I'm deperate! Please talk with me! Please! First off! Bakugou, please don't kill me! I love you as a friend, and I don't understand why I can not call you Kacchan! Second off! I need friends on here! I am new, and have no idea what I am doing! Please send help! I am very depressed and need friends to cheer me up! Talk to me people!
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  • BNHATrash420

    Ok, so I started to watch BNHA about 2 months ago and I watched up until the end of season three, waiting for season four. I want to read the manga, but not right now. I have multiple reasons why Todoroki and Dabi are secretly brothers. I know many people believe this is true, but hear me out. 

    Ok, so the first thing is, Do we know how Dabi got his scars/patchwork? No, not really (keep in mind I have never read the manga, I will soon, but don't come at me for not having the correct information) Maybe it is because Endeavor punished/hurt him for not having a strong enough quirk for his liking. He thought it was not strong enough to surpass All Might. That might be why Dabi ran away. My friend and I were talking and she said, "Well, maybe His…

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    Im gonna say it now there are manga spoilers in this before I start. Ok so I have made a list of who I think are the ten most powerful characters in the series are. Also this goes by every characters strength in their prime and without external help like deku using 100% with Eri's rewind to stop him injuring himself and overhaul's fusions because he needs somebody else to use them. Here is the list.

    1:All might. All might obviously gets first place because even after sustaining major injuries he was still widely regarded as the worlds most powerful person.

    2:All for One. All for one is the most powerful villain in the series so far and is basically immortal, however all might beat him so he gets second place.

    3:Gigantomachia. Gigantomachia ha…

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  • Misaka Takunore

    Again here guys,continue of the series,I'm gonna write about ny top 5 bla bla bla.Today,I'm writing about my top 5 favourite villains.Follow me on Pinterest and comment your top 5 below this blog.Let's startin!

    1.Tomura Shigaraki a.k.a Tenko Shimura

    Tenko was the former name of this villain when he was born.He killed the entire family (not including Nana Shimura) with his quirk.[5 minuets for memorial Tomura's family] He ran out the street and live there.People offered help him but finally he was forgotten.All for one helped him and he became Tomura Shigaraki and the story goes bla bla bla I like that history of the boy though so freaken odd.

    2.Dabi (if it's true than a.k.a Toya Todoroki)

    As I explained in my first blog,there was a theory so c…

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  • Misaka Takunore

    Hey guys!My blogs are back and I'm continue working on this series.Hope you guys like it.Please follow me on Pinterest so you can see more BNH things I mean pictures there.Thank you

    Last time,I've made my favourite 5.Now,I'll make the 5 which i always hate

    1.Katsuki Bakugo

    He's a strong guy in class 1-A.BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN HE CAN BULLY OTHER PEOPLE!   He's too selfish,mean and loud mouth,doesn't want to work with ANYONE,never accept losing,rather to lose than team working,subjective and even more bad things.My trashy bullied life was already too odd,he was like...a big bully in my eyes.That's why I hate him,so so much.

    2.Enji Todoroki

    The reason is the same like Bakugoi.He has strong quirk but that doesn't mean he can insult

    people else.Also,h…

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  • Shootingstrxs


    April 6, 2019 by Shootingstrxs

    I recently figured out what BNHA is (because I've been living under a rock this whole time) and I love it.

    So I'm joining this wiki.


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  • Misaka Takunore

    Hey guys!Welcome to my blog! Please enjoy my last theories blogs.It is so good,I swear.I did promised to you guys I will make a really good new bloggy series.Also,follow me on Pinterest to see more My hero academia fanarts.

    As I promised,I will begin a new series of bloggy things.This time,I decided to name my blog:Top 5 Misaka and the MHA topic at the back.Today, I'll begin with:my Favourite characters.I want to know your ideals so comment below your top 5 best characters.

    1.Ocahco Uraraka

    She's a really nice,helpful and loveful girl.She have a strong quirk too.I think Uravity have no weakness.She just surrender Katsuki because he was born with a quirk which is already too strong,undefensable.

    2.Momo Yaoyorozu

    She's a pretty young genius with …

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  • Misaka Takunore

    U.A theories!

    April 6, 2019 by Misaka Takunore

    Welcome back!Hope you guys enjoyed reading the last blog.Make sure you guys did.If didn't,read it now.It has the blog title:Some theories I saw on internet.If you guys love this,i'll make even more on this series.Also, I almost shootout a new blog series.Remember to read later.Now, let's focus on more theories mysteries.Wait,by the way, comment what I need to fix or add.I promise I'll accept you all's suggestment.Thank you!

    Today,we'll talk about the most popular theory on the internet now.It's the U.A traitor.I'll explain most carefully does I can with the information I have right here.Let's go!

    Principal Nezu said that there was a traitor among the school.Who is it?What reasons?I'll list out our suspects.

    1.Leading on our suspect list is To…

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  • Misaka Takunore

    Welcome everyone! This is my blog and I'm gonna report you every single theories I saw on the internet.Thank you for reading this.Now let's go!

    Today,I start with Toya Todoroki is Dabi theory.I want you guys to read each clues carefully and spot me what I'm wrong at. 

    1.Eye color

    Shoto and Enji both have blue eyes.Notice that Dabi also have the same eye colour,right?

    2.Fire quirk

    Enji and Shoto both have fire quirk.Dabi's Cremeation quirk allows him to use blue-coloured fire.These fire are on higher tempreture,it may be stronger than Endeavor(Enji)'s is.Anyway,family members have the same quirk is not rare.Like Iida,Tensei have engine quirk,so do Tenya is.So that means that's a small detail for this theory.


    Todoroki's an abusive family.Ge…

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  • Advit1990

    Help designing quirks

    April 4, 2019 by Advit1990

    I would like feedback on quirks I have created. Thank you to anyone who participate, and plz have positive input and comments.

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  • Lover of the Muse

    In chapter 222, we learned Shigaraki's backstory. It was pretty much what I expected.

    The doctor says "this is what remains of you're family" when he introduces the hands which makes me scratch my head.

    We saw in this very chapter when Shigarki's quirk disintigrates something (we saw him do it to a dog) it disintigrates them completely, not the entire body except the hands.  The hands are all of uniform size and what's more, even in the brief flashback they still have a box at the base of them with holes drilled into the bottom.

    I'm going to guess that these hands are manufacted objects which ashes of his family rather than literally being the hands of his dead family members. It's also entirely possible that All for One killed Shigaraki's fa…

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  • Cool blue savage




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  • XxKatsukiBakugoxX


    March 31, 2019 by XxKatsukiBakugoxX

    Hello there!

    I'm Sophiya And well I love BNHA (boku no hero academia)

    I just love the show and the characters. My personal favorite is Katsuki Bakugou. The thing about bakugou is that he  has HELLA pride. He hates losing and loves when he beats someone when there at there full potential. H e hates deku, thats why he gave him that nickname. But don't get the wrong idea He isn't mean its just that people that sometimes pisses him off but he has an soft side too. His closest friend is Ejiro  Kirishima or "shitty hair". His childhood friend is Izuku Midoriya or "Deku". 

    Well theres some knowledge for your anime obsessed Brains Till next time. 

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  • Totally not Darkstalker

    Introduction= Izuku Midoriya always wanted to be a hero. He didn’t even have a quirk when he started training to become a hero. He couldn’t have known that inviting his friend to exercise with him would end how it did. When Katsuki dropped the ball, he couldn’t have known that a car was speeding down the street. When Deku ran after the ball, he couldn’t have known that Katsuki would panic and set off his quirk for the first time.

    He also couldn’t have known that Deku did have a quirk. “Ghost” allows him to become intangible, create illusions for a specific person, and posses them. But without a body to return to, Deku can only use his quirk on the person who killed him, Katsuki Bakugou. This was discovered when they woke up in the hospital,…

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  • Saiyanwander21

    So I don't really know much about this, but I do know that I can place links to my stories here so if your interested feel free. 

    No clue if it will work,but it's here if you wanna give it a shot. 

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  • TodorokiBNHA

    Favorite characters

    March 29, 2019 by TodorokiBNHA

    Obviuosly, my favoite charater is Shoto Todoroki

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  • TTryAgainLater

    Random AU thoughs

    March 28, 2019 by TTryAgainLater

    Ok so I was thinking what if there was an AU where

    Todoroki was short with pink hair instead of white

    Deku was the tallest

    Bakugo hated Tokoyami instead of Deku

    Tokoyami's Dark shadow wears a bright pink bow

    Tokoyami was a seagull

    Mineta was still trash

    Kirishima put his hair up in a man bun

    Denki had riachu ears and tail (pikachu's evolution)

    Tsu as a toad

    Uraraka quirk mad thing heavier, not lighter

    Jirou liked to be fancy

    Momo is a gangster

    what would this AU be called? Also, I'm sorry for putting this image in your mind

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  • Zakipika


    March 28, 2019 by Zakipika

    i have an oc: her name is linda akiru,hero name:flyer flame quirk: i didn't find a perfect name for it well i can explain...she has two quirks actually which is controlling fire or pyrokinesis but not like hell fame because Fire does not go out of her body like todoroki but when she need's to see fire and then controll it;the second quirk is flight: her ability allow's her to fly and even float, when she fly her hair start's glowing in orange.

    she is always cold and angry at the exact she is the opposit of shoto his cold and normal

    so the thing is i want you to pick me a name for her quirk......could you help me?

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  • TTryAgainLater

    Hello, this is a blog about what I think about Bnha... yup

    Well for starters Kirishima is my favorite character. Actually, I think I will make a list below from my favorite to my fifth favorite.

    1. Kirishima





    Now for some rambling.

    I really enjoy My Hero Academia, but I haven't finished season 3 just yet, but I'm working on it. I don't really like the shipping part of bnha, although I think kiribaku is cute. Oh and I like to draw, so if you have a character you want drawn the feel free to say so. I just need the name of the character. 

    Okay. Okay, hear me out. If fire melts ice then what if Todoroki's quirk isn't half hot half cold, but simply water?

    Kay, done rambling for now

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  • Neko998


    March 25, 2019 by Neko998

    Just a place for me to keep all my quirk ideas, oc's and all that jazz in one digital place. Feel free to add yours in if you want to.

    OC Template                   


    Reason/meaning of name:       




    Hero Name:      


    How old do they appear: 




    Hair color:

    Skin tone:

    Distinguishing marks:



    Quirk Template




    Power: /5

    Speed: /5

    Intellegence: /5

    Cooperavtiveness: /5

    Quirk control: /5

    Durability: /5

    Stealth: /5

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  • Squoogle

    More OC help

    March 24, 2019 by Squoogle

    Hi, I'm back here again for more help.

    Recently I've been feeling super creative so I made this OC (my first oc ever actually).


    Name: Akatsuki Kenta Rikimaru (has a middle name because he was born abroad)


    - Year: 3 (current)

    Height: 185.5cm (6'1")

    Quirk: Tempo

    - How it works: When opponent or object is touched, they follow his tempo (movements are the same but faster or slower) controlled by a beat in his head.

    - Strengths: Good for both offence and defence, very good for support but can be good directly for combat.

    - Weaknessses: If concentration is broken, the effect stops, depending on distance from opponent or object, there is a delay in which it carries out the "tempo", you have to touch and therefore get close to opponent to activ…

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  • My mother dosent feed me

    im hypd man lets go


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  • Advit1990

    Quirk Ideas

    March 22, 2019 by Advit1990
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  • Sage.vega

    Chapter 216

    March 6, 2019 by Sage.vega

    Team Midoriya vs Team Monoma Rcap (Warning Spoilers)

    Ochaco's feelings for Deku resurfaces as she saves him from being absorbed into the blackwhip created by the previous One for All users.

    Ever since Ochaco came to terms with her feelings for Midoriya before the Hero License Exam, fans have been waiting to see more special moments between the two. Luckily, there are plenty of adorable ones between them in Chapter 216 of the series.

    On top of That He does care about Her well being before his own by expressing How scared and worried he was after seeing her injured and hurt she was after unleashing Black Whip.

    In Chapter 216, Deku's group has officially defeated their Class 1-B opponents, and Aizawa is trying to get to the bottom of what happene…

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  • Munster Bunny

    I like creating original quirks, so I'm just going to post them here for others to use if they wish.

    Others can join in and go wild; just remember that if someone says they don't want their quirk used, it is only fair to honor their wishes.

    Some clarifications:

    WEAKNESSES are the bad points already built into the quirk

    DOWNSIDES are the side effects and further exploitable points outside the quirk

    STRENGTHS are what is good about the quirk and what it could be good for

    DESCRIPTIONS are a clear and consise (as it can be) description of abilities

    OVERUSE SYMPTOMS AND SIDE EFFECTS are strictly what happens when the quirk is overused

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  • Mari1236


    March 6, 2019 by Mari1236

    'soooooo' 'i' have no friends but 'i' thought 'i' would post here

    'in my 4 'period' 'i' have ANIME KÜLBBBBB WHOOP 'WHOOP .' 'Me' and 'a other' girl had a slap fight and 'i' won and 'who ever' won got a body pillow of ma boi 'todoroki' 'heheheheh' so when 'i' won it we wrote on the 'white board

    (this part is cringy YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED)

    we wrote



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  • Wolfdemon99

    The manga

    March 5, 2019 by Wolfdemon99

    Where can I go to read the manga for My Heor Academia for free? And I mean on the computer. There was a webpage for reading managa's for free but I can't remember it. Please comment if you know where I can read the manga.

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  • No9ah10

    Ok so hear me out.

    First of all, I'd like to warn you that you must have read up to Chapter 218 of the manga in order to not be spoiled by this post, now that that's out of the way let's go through this.

    I'm going to add a disclaimer that as of now this is more of a small theory, just one I thought up on the way to school and felt I needed to post about it.

    As of Chapter 218, we have full clarification on what Destro's Quirk Liberation Army was and what it's motives were (to allow people to freely use their quirks, which was the implication previously but now we know for sure). We also know that there's followers of Destro's ideology within society on the down low. Do you see where I'm going with this?

    Last year Horikoshi told us Shoji would b…

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