• I honestly love floof boys

    I would like to talk about how awkward Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu's name is. imagine if his mum/mom calls him, TETSUTETSU TETSUTETSU COME HERE. that name is literally so weird. feel free to bully him. 

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  • Lover of the Muse

    Is Neito Monoma the son of All for One? It's my headcanon that this is true. The first reason I suspect they're related is because of the similarity between their respective quirks; AfO can steal the powers of others and Neito can temporarily copy them. The second, and more complicated reason, has to do with Neito Monoma's characterization.

    In Neito Monoma's introductory scene the first thing he does (after stealing Bakugo's headband) is speechify about his plans to his enemy and mock the hero. Monoma is intelligent, egotistical, eloquent and perfectly willing to be underhanded. He is prone to condescension, gloating/mockery,. and maniacal laughter. When you lay them out on paper Monoma's idiosyncracies start to sound suspiciously like supe…

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  • Lover of the Muse

    The first half of season 5 I predict will focus on the Pro Heroes Arc and the Joint Training Arc.

    Season 5 part 1
    # Title chapters adapted ch per ep
    1 Hero Billboard Charts JP 183-184 2
    2 Endeavor and Hawks 185-186 2
    3 Flaming Roar! Vs. Nomu: High-End 187-190 4
    4 Todoroki Family 191-192 2
    5 Vestiges 193-194 2
    6 Clash! Class A vs Class B 195-197 3
    7 Clever Commander 198-201 3
    8 Match 3 202-204 4
    9 Early Bird 206-208 3
    10 Successor 209-212 4
    11 Class A vs. Class B 213-216 4
    12 The Meta Liberation Army 217-218 2

    Part 2 will focus on the Meta Liberation Army Arc and whatever arc comes afterwards. The manga depicts the fights Dabi vs. Geten, Twice vs. Skeptc, Spinner vs. Trumpet, and Tomura vs. Re-Destro as happening simultaniously and the narrative intercuts…

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  • Koijiro


    July 11, 2019 by Koijiro

    Every body knows the main villains in my hero but not every body knows there past which means there going to die just kidding but the "leader" tomura shigaraki has a really bad pass oh yeah don't read past this point if you don't want spoilers! Well tomura should of been died or close to being dead manly because tomura did not know how to use his quirk and even now he struggles a little with every day life with that in mine how did he survive when he was a kid? Well its easy in the new chapter it says his skill is like if he trained to the point were he almost died knowing that he probably almost died when he was young making he quirk stronger because every body knows the more you use your quirk the better it gets that's why a couple of ch…

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  • Lover of the Muse

    Katsuki Bakugo is this series Shounen Rival and the deutertagonist. As such he serves as the most recurring foil to the protagonist Izuku Midoriya. Katsuki Bakugo's role in the story is so great that I've decided to split my analysis up into multiple parts.

    In the very first scene in the series we see Izuku Midoriya trying to defend a kid who was being hurt by a trio of bullies led by Katsuki Bakugo, the three boys bring out their superpowers and kick Izuku's ass for trying to be a hero. After that the series flashes forward ten years and when we see Bakugo as a teenager he's just as obnoxious. He brags about how great he is and berates his entire class for thinking they could even compare to him, then he destroys Deku's property and tells …

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  • Eri aizawa


    June 23, 2019 by Eri aizawa

    the reasons Dabi may be a todoroki.1'.Dabi has blue flames so the blue from the ice from his mother and the flames from his father 2. he knew shoto's name by the attack on the camp 3.he did not wanted to tell his name to tomura shigaraki. that were the reasons do you know more tell me byee aizawa fam. 

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  • Margo.a.Tiny.Duchess

    just wanted to post a link to this

    tis the bnha group chat

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  • Shootingstrxs


    June 19, 2019 by Shootingstrxs

    denki was born in pride month

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  • Margo.a.Tiny.Duchess

    its stories formatted kinda like videos or vlog/blog posts


    kaminari filming a video

    Kaminari: *runs through the UA class 1-A dorm building* EEEEEEYY!

    Bakugo: *opens his dorm door into his face* SHUT THE F--- UP

    Kaminari: no

    Bakugo: yes

    Kaminari: no

    Kaminari: *pulls out a kazoo*

    Bakugo: don’t you dare.

    Kaminari: *small test blow of kazoo*

    Bakugo: DON’T YOU-

    Kaminari: *starts to play the BNHA opening theme, very badly and very loudly, on the kazoo*

    Bakugo: *screams angrily*

    all of a sudden Bakugo begins strangling Kaminari. Kaminari is still playing the kazoo in rough bursts. Kaminari is struggling

    Sero: *walks down the hallway*

    Sero: …

    Sero: *immediately turns around and walks the other way*

    at this point the camera stops filming

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  • Pandas113

    Ready, Aim, Fire

    June 18, 2019 by Pandas113

    ((Warning, contains: Izuku acting bratty, song lyrics, and cussing(by smol bean child) You have been warned.))

       Izuku adjusted the headphones on his neck, making sure they were turned on and connected wirelessly to his phone before taking a hair clip and pinning back the hair in his face. He was in a loose pair of sweatpants and graphic t-shirt, his ever-present sneakers laced up on his feet. He grabbed a water bottle, filling it up at the water with the pitcher he kept in his mini-fridge. As he poured, he looked out of his parted curtains, the early dawn sky providing little natural light for his room. Still, he didn’t want to turn the light on just in case someone passed him by.

     He grabbed his phone, water bottle, and a towel for around…

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  • Pandas113

    Kaminari stared at the board in front of him, Bakugou sitting across from him. “Remember, if you lose,” Bakugou started, smirking like a cocky asshole. “you have to be my servant for a week.” 

    “And if I win, you have to be nice to everyone in class for a week.”

    A chess board sat between them, each piece in its starting place. Kaminari had been fed up with Bakugou’s attitude and wanted to take him down a few pegs. The explosive teen didn’t react too well to the snarky remark and somehow they ended up here. Their classmates surrounded them, all of them rooting for Bakugou. Kaminari wasn’t known for his intellect or strategy.

    “Well, princesses first. Make your move,” Bakugou chortled. Kaminari just shrugged. He moved the pawn in front of his kin…

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  • Margo.a.Tiny.Duchess

    me and my sister are writing a bnha group chat fan fiction. it's currently 131 pages long in the word document. I wanted to bring it to all of you here on the fandom. so. I am publishing it on Archive of our own. there will be a new chapter every week. it has arks and bonus chapters and stuff ao I hope you enjoy it! I will post a link here as soon as possible

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  • LastPaladin2021

    Chapter Four: Live For Me.

    “Kay…” I cooed, shaking her gently.

    “Mmmrh… no…” she groaned, leaning upwards, her mouth against my ear.

    “Stay…” she growled huskily. Making my heart pound and my knees go weak. I always liked when she would wake up in my arms. She was small compared to me, I used to call her cat or kitten, but she didn’t really like it and I stopped calling her that, going with Kay instead. She wiggled further into my embrace, her lips still against my ear.

    “I’mma go make breakfast, o-okay?” I stammered a bit, smiling shakily.

    “Giriko, you’re hiding something~ I can tell…” she crooned, her hot breath making my mind go wild with fantasies.

    “Uhm… c-can you g-get up?” I squeaked as she wrapped her arms around me, straddling my middle.


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  • LastPaladin2021

    Chapter Four: Saved and Punished. The memory of a Mistake, Chain Metal Runner! Called Back to Action.

    I looked into the eyes of the Hero Killer, closing my eyes in acceptance of what happened to get me here. I didn't feel the blade pierce me at all. In fact, I heard an impact.

    'What the..?' I thought, cracking my eyes open. It was Nemuri. I had never felt so glad to see her. She looked enraged like she could kill that Hero Killer.

    "B... Babe! If that fucker cuts ya, he can paralyze you if he can lick it!" I warned.

    "Tch! I can kill two birds with one stone... that's good." Stain growled, advancing.

    Nemuri smirked, whipping the blade out of Stain's grasp, he unsheathed two combat knives and sped over faster than my eyes could follow.

    'GET UP!' I …

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  • LastPaladin2021

    Chapter Three: Stir-Crazy, Dad's Last Words. Stains and Blades.

    It's only been a day of me milling around doing errands and I already want to die. I waited in the grocery store line for FOUR hours! Four goddamn hours of waiting for land whales and prunes to check out and go! Then I went back to the house to clean it up as a surprise for Nemuri when she got home. I also realized that my blades would trigger when I came in contact with some surfaces. I shaved off uneven slats on our roof, and cleaned the house, working hard.

    I missed work. I really did. I kept on fidgeting, thinking any second, the world would fall apart. my instincts howled for more fighting. For more blood. I struggled mightily for the feeling to stop. Swimming strongly agai…

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  • LastPaladin2021

    Chapter Two: Class 1-A, One Trigger, Blade and Bone.

    One day, after the whole overheating thing, I woke up to no one being there with me. Kayama had headed out early, I put on my hero suit, which was just some damaged jeans and a black muscle shirt over a fur-collared black and red jacket. I couldn't just leave though. I saw Kayama's lunch bag on the counter.

    'Shit! She forgot about it!' I thought, taking it and sprinting out of the door. I sped into the subway train, plunking myself down on the seat.

    'Kayama doesn't deserve to go hungry! I promised her family that I'd take care of her. She deserves something to repay her kindness. She's been taking care of me more than me taking care of her.`` I thought, fast walking into UA's courtyard, the…

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  • LastPaladin2021

    Lemme start by saying that I hate nightly patrols. The name’s Giriko Kenzaburo, known as the hero named Judgement. It was on a nightly patrol that I met my wife, Nemuri. Well, she’s my wife in the sense that she is to me, but not to the public.

    To the public, she’s the R-rated heroine who is the most eligible woman eight or nine years running. She’s confident, beautiful, and very, very fun to be around.

    One thing the public didn’t know was that I was romantically involved with her.

    My public reception wasn’t all that great, I was known to be a hardass. I only had a few people who appreciated what I did. I was part of the Death Row hero team. My ‘teammates’ and I were given the license to kill our opponents. I didn’t want that anymore. I didn’…

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  • Pandas113

    The Crash

    June 17, 2019 by Pandas113


    'The entire class talked animatedly as they walked 'through the streets of Musutafu, save for one spikey-haired blonde. They'd been allowed to go on a field trip of sorts, just a walk around of their city in a basic patrol route. They were in their costumes, Aizawa deeming it good to see if their costumes would tire them out by the prolonged wear. Specifically Bakugou's and others that had larger equipment to wear. Thankfully, no one seemed to be having an issue.

    "Remember to keep your eyes on alleyways and your ears open for any unusual sounds. A lot of villains don't stupidly boast out when committing a crime, so it takes skill to recognize anything that might not be just the bustle of the city. Any suspicious characters, you shou…

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  • LastPaladin2021

    My Hero Academia Z

    The Saiyan Hero! Tenmei Midoriya!

    A lone pod streaked across the night sky, looking to many on the planet like a shooting star. To Inko Midoriya, she wished on it.

    “Please, let my son live a happy life,” she sighed as little Izuku slept in his crib, not knowing that the pod wasn’t a star at all. It looked like it was getting closer. She immediately shielded Izuku from the crash as the pod slammed into the pavement outside. After the crash, Inko decided to investigate. She carefully skirted the crash site as Izuku cried in her arms. Of course, the little baby was scared by the crash.

    The object was a sphere, with a small red window on the front. It was still hot from its journey through the cosmos. The pod soon cooled as Inko…

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  • Irenedarold


    June 14, 2019 by Irenedarold

    Hello everyone!

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  • Lezagna

    Okay so Inwas.scrolling through some posts and there was on asking for a GOOD villain name for Shigaraki so In was thinking about his quirk to think of a good name then I was.thinking of 'The nightmare before Christmas' the boogie man and what he said once "ashes to ashes dust to dust" when he disintegrates people, and I was like 'I WANT SHIGARAKI TO SAY THAT THAT WOULD BE SO FUNNY!' what do you think?

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  • KFears

    I've been busy rewatching BNHA recently and there is one thing that caught my attention. It's the results of Quirk Apprehension Test (that's the test that was given by Aizawa on the first day of the school). That's what I found weird in particular:

    18th place - Hagakure Toru

    19th place - Mineta Minoru

    20th place - Midoriya Izuku

    What do we know about these people? We know pretty well that Midoriya has a pretty good physical development (it is confirmed by the fact that he managed to clean the whole beach by himself with bare hands). Toru's physical abilities are not known, although it should be obvious that she is no match for Izuku. We also can be sure that Minoru is the least physically capable out of all A1 class, probably even weaker than …

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  • Pandas113

    Start of a story!

    June 8, 2019 by Pandas113

    Okay! So this is a story that I started writing on a whim. I never see any representation of scoliosis in the media, like ever, even though it's a pretty common thing among girls. I have it myself and had to have spinal fusion surgery when I was twelve because it was so bad. This is my take on non-idiopathic scoliosis, caused by muscular distrophy. Sorry if I get some stuff wrong, but I'm super excited to try something like this out! I'll post the rest of it soon, I swear!

    This is basically what I'm going off of, from Let me know if I'm getting this wrong since I like to be smart with my writings.

    Description: early-onset weakness, poor muscle tone; severity varies; some joints have contractures; some joints have hyperlaxity (excess…

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  • Lezagna

    Shigaraki tomaro

    June 8, 2019 by Lezagna

    Shigaraki tomato is a chicken nuget from chick-fil-a even if it's burnt it's still got tons of fans! (Including me but I be t you already knew that) I love him

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  • Pandas113

    Hiya guys! 

    So, I was wondering(since everyone on here is so good with suggesting things) what you guys would like me to write?

    I'm an avid fanfiction writer and I'm kind of in the mood for either an extreme amount of angst or an extreme amount of fluff. I do pretty much any ship and would love to hear some suggestions! I'll be sure to send what I write to whoever wants it. Let me hear ya!

    Also, this is my first blog post, so tell me if something looks off or funny. :3

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  • Lover of the Muse

    In chapter 231 there's a moment when Koku Hanabutu, leader of the Hearts and Minds Party, and member of the Meta Liberation Army says "It is time we show the world that everyone is a hero! And that nobody is a hero!" There's a parallel that's been in my mind since we first learned the ideology of this villain group and as of this chapter I think this parallel is 100% intentional. Let's talk about the first Incredibles movie.

    Incredibles is a movie where special people aren't allowed to use their gifts/be themselves because of government regulation and an ungrateful conformist society. The film takes a dim view of egalitarianism and equates it to mediocrity. Part of the villain's evil plan is to sell powers so everyone can be super "because …

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  • Blossom87


    June 4, 2019 by Blossom87

    Okay Okay Okay peeps! I'm making some BNHA [My Hero Academia] Characters, but I need sum ideas for quirks. Also, add any ideas for descriptions and stuff, cuz I'll prolly post sum pics. Warning: If you don't post a clear description, it prolly won't look as you imagined it. Also, they may have tattoos or piercings, cux I like that crapp. 

    Sooooo, thxx


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  • Crablegs

    Quirk ideas.

    June 2, 2019 by Crablegs

    Does anyone have any quirk ideas? If so, please share them below, I love reading them. I find transformation quirks hardest to make.

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  • Jevon rants bad boy

    I cosplay as villain shoto all the time my problem is I am getting shipped with dobe

    sure he's cool but I am dating shigiraki … in cosplay I normally never talk about my past as a hero in front of shigi also I am a spy for the villains I spy on the heroes its a fun job

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  • Jevon rants bad boy

    I as a big fan of my hero i think they should all keep their names but many people want a villan name for shigiraki I understand some say it should be "bad touch man" or "handy man" but ok.....listen I cant exatly take a bad guy seriously with that name ok... sorry

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  • Lover of the Muse

    My Hero Academia is a Shounen Battle series about a plucky underdog with a strong sense of justice in a superpowered world and his journey to become the best while fighting rivals and enemies. MHA follows a formula and features tropes and archetypes we've seen countless time in other Shounen series.

    My Hero Academia however is self-aware about the nature of it's tropes and uses that genre awareness to refine it's tropes to perfection or forgo a cliche completely if that's what will improve the story. Another thing that makes My Hero Academia work is it's strong character writing that allows characters (some of them anyway) to evolve beyond their initial archetypes.

    I'm going to be writing a series of blogs analyzing the characters and story …

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  • Megistos86

    I am gathering here some of the best known theories of MHA. I've always liked to talk about this kind of thing. Which ones do you think will become true?

    • Dabi is Toya Todoroki
    • Dr. Tsubasa is Daruma Ujiko
    • Related to the previous one, Izuku born with a quirk and it was stolen.
    • AFO is, in some way, responsible for Shigaraki's quirk and the death of his family
    • The Villain Factory from Vigilantes is connected with the League of Villains
    • AFO is Izuku's father
    • Hisashi Midoriya is a Villain
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  • Zuki and Fugoni

    I need to know if I can make a blog relating to my website that I created, which is for people who have OCs that want more people, not just in the community, to know about. So again, would it be possible for me to do that? If this is a violation to the rules, then I am sorry for my mistake I made of not reading the right sections of the rulebook. 

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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  • TomurA5

    From the blog I did where I explained the idea I had for a new arch, I came up with many ideas and wanted to know which of these three ideas they prefer to start a new blog:

    • The past of Gang Orca and Uwabami attacked again, the Wild Villains who joined with the Volcano Thieves are preparing a great attack against humanity and they are the only ones capable of stopping them.

    • Class 1-A travels to the United States on a school trip where Izuku would find his father but they and Class 1-A would be attacked by a terrorist named The Collector.

    • It's not a story, it's a Pro Hero that was very important in an event called the Toxic Chainsaw Massacre.

    Which idea do you like the most? --TomurA5 (talk) 19:17, May 18, 2019 (UTC)

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  • Lover of the Muse

    My Hero Academia-Alternate Worlds (僕のヒーローアカデミア-オールタネート・ワールズ) is a spin-off concept I came up with, I might write a fanfiction about this at some point.

    Alternate Worlds is an anthology of stories each taking place in a different alternate universe.

    Some of these stories will explore how MHA could have unfolded if key moments in it's story had occured differently than they had in the canonical story.  Other stories may feature alternate histories for the characters or show societies that are different from what we see in the main series.

    Because the Alternate Worlds stories take place outside the continuity of the main series they can feature things like character deaths or the victory of evil; they can also go way goofier than the main series …

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  • Little.Miss.Concealed

    So,I'd really like to hear all of your quirk ideas that are not yet included in the Boku No Hero Academia anime/manga. I may try to give some feedback but from this point, feel free to comment all of your ideas onto this little blog!

    I'll probably post a few of mine, and yes, I'd love it if you guys could give me some feedback as well! Plus ultra young heroes!


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  • Akumushigaraki

    So this post today is about Akumu Shigaraki. her parents are Shigaraki and kurogiri. she has Galixy purple hair and green eyes with smoke poring out of them. her quirk is decay and warping. she has pail blue skin and scratch marks all over her face and neck. she is 16 years old and 5'3 ft tall she is a rather quiet girl and loves to tutch things.  the school that she atends is the most highest school on there world, my hero academia. her best friends is dekus kid. her parents want her to go there to get closer to deku so she can strike but in reality she wants to be a hero.

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  • Desboy96

    Hey everyone, it's been a while since I've made a blog. Over the course of the last week, I've been going through the interview process for a Wiki Manager position with Fandom. Furusato, the Director of Anime for Fandom contacted me to join his Anime team. There is a new initiative for staff to help build up the anime communities on fandom.

    Furusato contacted me after seeing the fruits of my labor here on My Hero Academia Wiki. After about a weeks time, my longtime dream of working for Wikia/Fandom has come true and I've been officially hired as of yesterday May 15th, 2019.

    It hasn't always been easy here at My Hero Fandom but it has always been fun. In my two years here I managed to learn so much, made a lot of amazing friends, and helped t…

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  • Lover of the Muse

    I predict that the next arc or the arc after next will be the final Exam for the Second Term of Izuku's first year at U.A.

    For those of you who don't know, the Japanese high school year is broken up into three terms with vacation breaks in between each. The first term starts in early April and ends in late July, after that is Summer vacation. The second term starts in early September and ends in late December, then comes Winter Break. The final term begins in early January and ends in late March.

    Horikoshi has made a point of showing that the weather is changing and the students are wearing their Winter Uniforms; in-universe I think it's December for the characters.

    Also Japanese High School lasts for 3 years instead or 4 years like in Americ…

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  • Akumushigaraki

    Hi im Akumu shigaraki, and this is my first blog post... so well... you no how the my hero academia ends in seson three? i was thinking what if the carictores hooked up? and maby had kids?

    well my blog is going to be all about that so what do you think? welcome to the next jen of the fandom!
    so ok your probibly wondering why my names diforrent than my profile thats because im the kid of him and kuogiri. i no that a wered ship but i think that it worked out! so as soon as i get a pic of my O.C. i'll change my profile. Thanks guys!!!


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  • LaylaIsaku

    Uh.. hi?

    May 13, 2019 by LaylaIsaku

    Hi, I'm Layla Isaku, I'm 16 and in Class-1A. My quirk is called Devils rage, I can summon demons and 'Teleport', its not really teleporting but ok they call what they call it. I'm long time friends with the Baku squad, they're fun to be around well Katsuki is kind of mean but ok. I'm friends with Deku and Todoroki but we don't really talk that much. I usually just stay to myself or keep with my friends when I can. I sit in the back of the classroom with Todoroki, which is fun I guess.

    My family is just my Mom, my Sister and me. My father died due to an..... accident that happened one day. My mother is quirkless and my sister is only three so she hasn't manifested her quirk yet. I have scars on my body for a reason and I don't really talk a…

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  • S3r0-Ph1i


    May 13, 2019 by S3r0-Ph1i

    When the day comes when Kirishima's Quirk changes to croc themed battle armour and turbo croc firing mega power, everyone in the world shall register that it was My Hero Academia that created such a perfect concept!

    All hail the mighty Crocoshima, may everyone relish the wonder of Kirishima and his crocs until the end of time, and beyond.

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  • Margo.a.Tiny.Duchess

    Hoiyoz ppl! i wanna say hi to all of you. here is a bnha crack to make your day

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  • WoddieLaddie

    The manga chapter starts out with two boys telling a younger boy to use his quirk to turn leaves into 10,000 yen bills. The boy tells them that he can’t do it, and that the money will revert back to leaves after some time.

    Eijiro Kirishima, desperate to stop the bullies from provoking the boy, stands up to them, telling them to pick on someone their own size and indirectly calling them, ‘unmanly.’

    The two boys identify Kirishima as a senior and notice him charging straight for them. The two boys don’t seem panicked but calm as he rushes towards them. They beat him by throwing a large rock at Kirishima’s face, which doesn’t cause much damage but slows him down. However, Kirishima cries out in pain. The boys don’t seem bothered and take the yo…

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  • WoddieLaddie

    Idk. Bakugo, for me, is the strongest in Class 1-A since Midoriya can’t use his quirk as well as All Might can. Todoroki is no match for Bakugo either. What do you guys think?

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  • PastelRxse

    Who I am!

    May 2, 2019 by PastelRxse

    Hello! I'm PastelRxse, but you can call me Rose, Charlotte (My irl name) or Pastel. I am 14 years old and I LOVE Bnha, it's probably the best anime I will ever watch. I hope that we can all be friends.


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  • Rynerath

    reply down below

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    April 26, 2019 by XBAKUGOUBOIx

    h-hello im Joyreohna and i can be shy at times and im not that social and mostly quiet half the time in my school when i get older i want to be an anime editor my self and make peace between the war of one peice and bnha, and if i had a quirk (in real life) it would probably be sleepy aura (GET ZERO SLEEP T~T) and i like undertale a bit. (ps i need to change the title but idk how to -_-)

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  • TTryAgainLater

    Sup my dudes

    April 26, 2019 by TTryAgainLater

    So hello i like to draw so if you want a character drawn then feel free to leave there names in th comments

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  • Tropicalcyclone1


    April 17, 2019 by Tropicalcyclone1

    so me and my sister were bored these holidays so we started to write a group chat fanfiction with some of the characters. she sent in a request to post it on AO3 (Archive Of Our Own) but I was wondering if there was anywhere else we could post it.

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