Binding Cloth (操縛布 Sōbakufu?) is the fighting style devised by Shota Aizawa and used by himself and Hitoshi Shinso using their Capturing Weapons.


Hitoshi Shinso Capture Weapon Manipulation

Hitoshi using Binding Cloth.

This fighting style is based on employment of a long scarf-like weapon to ensnare his targets, to tie and immobilize opponents up, or to set up traps. It can also be used to increasing one's own mobility by grabbing onto objects.

Shota took five years to develop and mastered this style because he had to learn this from scratch without a proper master.[1] Nowadays, he has shown proficient usage of his Capturing Weapon, which he combines with his Erasure Quirk, to bind and defeat his opponents as seen during the U.S.J. Incident.[2]

When Shota becomes Hitoshi's personal tutor, he begins training him in this combat technique to help him to become a hero. Hitoshi uses this fighting style for the first time during the first round of the Joint Training Battle against Jurota Shishida. Hidden in a narrow tunnel of pipes, when Jurota claws his way to him, Hitoshi uses his capture weapon to bring down a large metal pipe to strike Jurota's head.[3]


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