Bibimi Kenranzaki (絢爛崎 美々美 Kenranzaki Bibimi?) is a third-year student at U.A. High School and is part of the Department of Support, specifically Class 3-G, and is the two time winner of the U.A. School Festival's Miss Con.[2]


Bibimi is a young woman with long hair which would reach down to her waist if it wasn’t always worn in her signature style; two tightly curled rolls on each side of her face and a wide, folded bun at the back. She has ridiculously long eyelashes, made even longer by the excessive makeup she wears, and is always seen with dark lipstick on.

In her Miss Con attire, she wears a kimono-like dress with a scale pattern, a beaded necklace, a wide crown with carvings in its central plate and flowers around her neck.[2]


Bibimi was the reigning champion of Miss Con, having beaten Nejire Hado twice.[2]


U.A. School Festival Arc

Bibimi intends on increasing her popularity by appearing in a commercial, alongside Itsuka Kendo.[2]

At the beauty pageant, she rides out on a tank, which is shaped like her own head.[3] When Nejire is announced as the winner, Bibimi offers her hand in congratulations.[4]


Nejire Hado

Nejire is Bibimi's rival after losing to her twice in Miss Con. However, Nejire treats her well and acknowledges her beauty.

Itsuka Kendo

Itsuka is working with Bibimi on a commercial, implying that they are on good terms.


  • Bibimi likes glittering people and things.[1]


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