Beast (ビースト Bīsuto?) is the Quirk used by Jurota Shishida.


Beast allows Jurota to transform into a large, monstrous beast.

Jurota grows in size, with his furry, animalistic body becoming even more like that of a wild creature's, sporting huge fangs and being covered entirely in thick fur. He grows significantly stronger and faster as a result, being able to send enemies flying into the distance with a swipe of his claws while carrying another person on his back. In this form, even jolts of electricity barely faze him.

While in Beast form, Jurota's senses are greatly enhanced.[1] In particular, his sense of smell gains impressive range and precision, becoming useful for scouting enemies and their movements from afar.


Jurota becomes wildly enthusiastic when transformed, which can lead to reckless decisions from his part.[2] It's possible to trick his improved sense of smell by masking one's natural odor with something else.


With Beast, Jurota is a powerful fighter who's difficult to take down in a straight battle due to the massive boost of strength and speed granted by his Quirk.

As a Beast, Jurota runs on all fours and attacks his opponents by mauling them. He becomes a larger target as well, but is able to counter this by momentarily transforming back into his comparatively smaller human form to evade attacks. Jurota retains some of his high intelligence too, despite the rise of euphoria that comes from the transformation, meaning that he is still capable of strategizing during fights.

Super Moves

  • Roaring Rage (ガオンレイジ Gaon Reiji?): After transforming into his monstrous form, Jurota leaps through the air at his targets and sends them flying with a swipe of his claws.[2]
  • Re-Beast ( (ふたた) ビースト Futatabīsuto?): After momentarily reverting back to his human form in order to dodge an enemy attack, Jurota quickly activates his Quirk again for a counterattack.[1]


  • The concept of Beast may be a reference to the character Beast from the X-Men comics. Like Jurota, Beast is an animalistic, monster-like superhero who, despite his appearance, is an well-educated intellectual.
  • This quirk shares some similarities with Chimera, as both involve transforming the user into a larger, much stronger animal form, though unlike Beast, Chimera gives the user a wider range of abilities due to multiple different animals encompassing the quirk.


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