Bearhead (ベアヘッド Beaheddo?) is an original villain from the My Hero Academia: Clash! Heroes Battle arcade game.[1]


Bearhead Portrait

Bearhead has a very well-built physique and takes on the appearance of a brown bear due to his Quirk. As such, half of his body is covered in thick, brown fur and his face is in the shape of a bear's head. He has a set of large, thick claws for fingers.

Bearhead wears a ball chain with a bell on it, as well as a pair of pale orange pants, boots and an armored utility belt. He also has dark green wrist guards with metal plates over his hands and short brown boots.



Not much is known about Bearhead's past. What is known is that, at some point, he met and became good friends with the villain known as Curator, eventually joining the Wild Villains with him.




Brown Bear ( Higuma?): Bearhead's Quirk gives him the attributes and abilities of a bear; including: enhanced strength, great durability, acute senses, and large, sharp claws.


  • Roar of the Beast (野獣の咆哮 Yajū no Hōkō?):[2]
  • Fatal Wound (致命傷 Chimeishō?):[2]



Bearhead is a good friend and companion of Curator.



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