Class 1-A's Battle Trial is a combat training exercise that took place during All Might's first Foundational Hero Studies class.


All Might had Class 1-A participate in the Battle Trial during their first Foundational Hero Studies class. Class 1-A is given permission to use their Hero Costumes for the first time to participate in this event. 

All Might moved them two steps ahead of the urban battles they participated in during the Entrance Exams by pairing them up for indoor battles. According to All Might, statistically speaking, most run-ins with the worse villains occur indoors. The Battle Trial's purpose was to prepare the students for this.

The students were paired up by drawing lots and split into teams of heroes and villains that fight two on two fights. Teams are chosen by chance to replicate situations where real heroes are paired up on the spot to fight villains.

Battle Trial rules

Ways the heroes can win the Battle Trial.

The Battle Trial replicates a situation where the villains are hiding a payload inside the building and the heroes must secure it or defeat the villains within a time limit. The villains are granted the victory if they successful protect the payload or capture the heroes.

The mock battles took place on Ground Beta inside the replica buildings while the rest of the class watched from a monitoring room.[1] Every individual battle is critiqued by All Might and the students following its completion.[2]


Team Members Allegiance Outcome
Team A

Izuku Midoriya hero icon 1 Ochaco icon 3

Hero Victorious
Team B

Shoto icon 4 Mezo Shoji icon

Hero Victorious
Team C

Momo icon Minoru Mineta hero icon

Villain Unknown
Team D

Katsuki hero icon Tenya icon 3

Villain Defeated
Team E

Yuga Aoyama icon Mina Ashido icon

Hero Unknown
Team F

Rikido Sato hero icon Koji Koda icon 2

Villain Unknown
Team G

Denki Kaminari icon Kyoka Jiro icon 2

Hero Unknown
Team H

Fumikage icon Tsuyu icon

Hero Unknown
Team I

Mashirao Ojiro icon Toru Hagakure icon

Villain Defeated
Team J

Eijiro icon 2 Hanta Sero hero icon

Villain Unknown

Battles & Events

Battles & Events


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