Barrier (バリア Baria?)[1] is the Quirk possessed by Hekiji Tengai.


Barrier allows Hekiji to create a telekinetic barrier around him, in the shape of a dome.[2]

Rappa attacks Tengai (Anime)

Hekiji creating two barriers at once to defend against Rappa.

Fat Gum equates punching Hekiji's barrier to punching a steel wall. This Quirk can also be projected around the radius of Hekiji's choosing, as he is able to cover both himself and Kendo Rappa at one point, and only himself at another, indicating he has a degree of control over the size of the barriers he creates. It is unknown if the size of the barrier affects the durability of the Quirk.

Hekiji can also raise the barrier quickly, being able to even outspeed Kendo's Strongarm.[3]


Barrier is exclusively used for defense, meaning it has no offensive applications, whatsoever.

Hekiji is always at the center of the Quirk, meaning that he cannot project barriers around anything that is not within his range.

Despite being very sturdy, the barriers can be broken if an extreme amount of power is used against them.[4] Also, if Hekiji becomes too weakened or injured, he becomes unable to summon more barriers.[5]


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