The Auto Balancers is a support item developed and created by Mei Hatsume of the Department of Support, and used by Tenya Iida during their battle at the U.A. Sports Festival.


Tenya wearing Mei's gear

Tenya equips Auto Balancers.

The Auto Balancers is a complex support equipment that improves the stability of the wearer. It consists of two parts: One that goes on the legs and another that goes on the back.

The leg parts looks like leg braces, although its function is to help the wearer’s movements, making him have to make less effort when running, feeling his legs much lighter. The part of the back consists of what appears to be two ailerons, of which hang three cylinders in each. This device allows its user to maintain balance and help him change course adeptly in a race.

The leg parts detect the wearer’s brainwashes to predict their movements and act in consequence almost instantly, without any time lag. The Auto Balancers is equipped with a 32-axis gyro sensor. If it detects that the wearer is about to fall down, the equipment reacts immediately, and the cylinders eject air to reposition the user. It will be sure to keep the wearer from falling unless the wearer wants to.[1]


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