Arbor (樹木 Jumoku?)[1] is a Quirk used by Kamui Woods.


Arbor allows Kamui Woods to generate and control wood from any part of his body.

Through Arbor, Kamui Woods is able to manifest tendrils of wood that seemingly sprout from his skin and then extend those over a long distance. Those tendrils can come from anywhere on Kamui Woods's body and he has full control over their actions, giving him a way to perform multiple tasks at once.

Since it is a wood-based Quirk, it is ineffective against flame or explosion-based attacks, due to wood being combustible.[2]


Kamui Woods mostly uses his Quirk for restraining enemies or to rescue people from dangerous situations. In both cases, this involves him wrapping his wooden tendrils around their bodies. Against villains, this is used to bind them in place, preventing them from acting, while for victims, it's a useful method to carry them to safety, especially if there's multiple casualties.

Kamui Woods frequently employs Arbor for evasion and locomotion, using his elongated tendrils to hold onto tall structures like buildings, which lets Kamui Woods swing himself through the air.

Named Super Moves

  • Lacquered Chains Prison (先制必縛ウルシ鎖牢 Sensei Hitsubaku Urushi Sarō?): Kamui Woods shoots out the wood from one of his arms and surrounds the enemy with it to immobilize them.[3]


  • This Quirk is similar to Vines, which is noted by several characters.


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