In the past, a situation like this, where heroes were forced to make a difficult call... would have earned those same heroes criticism... but I suspect we may be witnessing a critical turning point in this era. A large scale shift in opinion... from criticism to passionate support.
Aorio Kuraishisu in "Do that interview!"

Aorio Kuraishisu ( (くら) () () () (あおり) () Kuraishisu Aorio?) is a Hero Expert.


Aorio has odd facial features: his face is pale but the rest of his head is dark. He has dull eyes, pointy ears, and two horns over his head, giving him a demon-like appearance. He wears a simple suit.


Nothing is currently known about Aorio's personality.


Following the events in Deika City, he appears on a television program where he talks about how society's opinion about heroes is changing.[1]


  • His name is composed of the kanji for "incite/stir up" (?) and "male" (?). His family name is composed of the kanji for "dark" (?), "well" (?), "finger" (?) and "number" (?) that sounds like "Crisis" in japanese.
  • His design heavily resembles Pazuzu, the possessing demon from The Exorcist.


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