Anthropomorph (人形 (ヒトガタ) Hitogata?) is the Meta Ability used by Tomoyasu Chikazoku.[1]


Anthropomorph allows the user to take a human-sized object (refrigerator, desk, etc.) and turn it into an exact lookalike of any given person.


Skeptic remotely controlling his puppets.

The user can freely create and remotely control these several of this puppet lookalikes at the same time.[1] They're creating using a liquid substance that appears from the user's hand. [2]

The puppets are designated by letters of the alphabet.[3]


Tomoyasu uses earpieces for Detnerat to remotely control several puppets at a time. He designates them by letters of the alphabet and gives them orders from a remote area away from the fighting. The puppets are effective for overwhelming targets with superior numbers.

Skeptic's puppets normally look similar to gorillas, but he has changed their appearance to make replicas of Twice to exploit his trauma. [1]


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