All Might Rising (ALL MIGHT:RISING (オールマイト:ライジング) Ōru Maito: Raijingu?) is a short one-shot released in Volume Origin. This one-shot explains further information of All Might´s past.


In July, Nana Shimura pushes away her young pupil and asks Sorahiko to take care of him. All For One looms over her, looking to put an end to her last stand. Gran Torino flies away with Toshinori as the young man cries for his master. Nana departs some final words of encouragement upon Toshinori before All For One ends her in a flash of light.

Toshinori Yagi mourns Nana

Toshinori mourns the death of his master.

Toshiro Yagi was forced to say goodbye to his master at age 18. Gran Torino trains All Might indoors during a rainstorm. He reminds Toshinori he can't fight against All For One despite his feelings. Toshinori cries and mourns the death of his motherly figure. Gran Torino tells Toshinori to go to America, out of All For One's reach. He reminds him that Nana sacrificed herself because she believed in his power.

Toshinori graduates in the Spring and travels to America. He changes his hair to stand straight up and dons his master's signature smile. He promises to return to Japan after gaining all his might, only then can he say "I Am Here!".

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