Akira Iwako (岩甲晶 Iwakō Akira?) is one of the Impromptu Villains.


Akira is a middle-sized man with curly black hair.


Akira was only ever seen while he was under the influence of the drug Trigger.

When he was seen, however, he was incredibly aggressive to essentially everything that was around him, attacking buildings and civilians. He was very confident in his abilities, believing himself to be totally indestructible and undefeatable.

However, he was capable of showing some sort of sanity, as he fled from Stendhal when he realized that he was outclassed. He was also capable of displaying fear when he realized he was in danger.

He was also one of the few villains to remember Koichi Haimawari’s vigilante name as "The Crawler".


Akira Iwakou Profile

Akira defeated

Akira is defeated by Knuckleduster and The Crawler after going into a rampage while on Trigger. He is released on account of being a simple Impromptu Villain, making him a victim and not a real criminal.

He fights Koichi later in another rampage, but this time he is confronted by Stendhal, being brutally killed by the same.


Akira Iwakou's Quirk

Akira uses Hardening while on Trigger

  • Unnamed Hardening Quirk: Akira possesses a unnamed hardening quirk. Akira's Quirk is only ever seen under the effects of Trigger, under Trigger his Quirk was complex, giving him rocks growing from his head, neck and shoulders, enhanced strength, and gigantification to an extent.[1]


  • Akira's name contains the kanji for "rock" (?), hence his Quirk.


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