Acid ( (さん) San?) is the Quirk used by Mina Ashido.


Acid allows Mina to create corrosive liquid from her skin.

This Quirk alters Mina's skin pigment, resulting in it having a purple-pink coloration, but in spite of that, her acid itself seems to be colorless grey.[1] Acid can be generated in high quantities from any part of her skin, with Mina being capable of manipulating it to an extent.

Mina can produce acid that's strong enough to melt solid objects, including metal ones. This gives Mina an advantage against most adversaries, especially those who are overly reliant on easily-destroyable weapons and equipment, such as Yuga Aoyama.


Mina has a limit of how long she can keep producing acid, with her skin gradually losing its natural resistance to corrosion.[2]


Mina Climbing

Mina using her acid for climbing.

Mina can control the levels of solubility and viscosity of her acid. By lowering solubility, she ensures that her Quirk doesn't become lethal against most living beings. And by raising viscosity, Mina is able to generate extremely slimy acid that acts as a protective barrier by gluing it to surfaces.

Mina is noted to be capable of burning entrance holes on surfaces, letting her infiltrate secure locations. Similarly, she is able to melt spots on a wall with her acid-generating limbs in order to facilitate climbing.[2] For ground mobility, Mina is capable of making the floor wet and slippery with acid for her to skate on.[2] Mina wears special, acid-proof footwear with holes on their soles, making it easier for her to secrete acid from her feet whenever she needs to.

Mina is said to have difficulties in facing human adversaries due to not yet having full mastery over her Quirk's dangerous corrosive properties, so she's more comfortable battling inorganic foes. Mistakes may cause Mina to dissolve her own clothes accidentally. Because of that, her costume is built to be largely acid-resistant.

Named Super Moves

Acid Veil

Acid Veil.

  • Acid Veil (アシッドベール Ashiddobēru?): Mina's special move, by maximizing her acid's solubility and viscosity, she creates a powerful acid wall which blocks incoming projectiles. It is strong enough to block hardened balls (which are stronger than concrete) with ease.[3]
  • Acid Shot (アシッドショット Ashiddo Shotto?): Mina launches a hail of bullet-shaped acid drops from her hands that shower down on an opponent and their surroundings.[4]
  • Acid Layback (アシッドレイバック Ashiddo Reibakku?): Mina projects acid from her shoes to dissolve the surface of the ground beneath her and make it easier to spin on the spot. With the enhanced momentum of her super-fast spin she can throw projectiles with massively increased force.[5]


  • Like several other Quirks, Acid has its own signature sound effect: "SHZZ".


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