HERO A es la décimo sexta pista del álbum My Hero Academia Original Soundtrack. Es una de las más utilizadas en la serie. Su interprete es Yuki Hayashi. Fue lanzado el 13 de julio del 2016.



My hero!
Go and show me what I gotta do.
Made up my mind,
wanna be like you,
We don't care what other people say.
I know I'll resurface you.

You know I will!
Stop anything,
nothing will go wrong.
Oh, I'll keep trying,
keep moving forward.
I will believe what I've been working on.

Can anybody tell me the way to make it?
I guess now, I'm the only one.
I never offered me a wrong future,
no matter what happens,
I won't tilt, I won't stop.
I'll lead you thoroughly step by step!

I feel something happy from my heart,
something beating for sure,
either it's somehow bad, I will see,
what I've gotta be in the future.

Strong will, amazing, ran away,
You know a strong willed ace,
you're great, alright?

Everything I see, everything I feel,
all the things that I have for it to at least break!
Switch out an enemy,
that doesn't go well.
I will believe in what I've been working on.
Do what you like, just give me one thing.
I see the future, don't miss out now.

Hero is in my heart,
hero is in your heart,
I don't care what other people say.
I can be the hero,
you can be a hero,
if you wanna make it just try hard.
I know I'll resurface you!

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