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Good news

Bnha won 5 awards amongst every anime as listed below:-

1. Best boy:-izuku midoriya
2. Best fight :- all for one vs all might
3. Best film :- two heroes
4. Best voice actor:- all might's voice actor
5. Best antagonist:- all for one

Bnha is the only one who got 5 rewards and that's the highest.

See the proof here:-
ALL THE WINNERS for this year's #AnimeAwards!!! ✨ 
ALL THE WINNERS for this year's #AnimeAwards!!! ✨  FANDOM
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Quirk Criticism??

So, the Quirk I created a long while ago is called, for now, Symmetrical Flames (I might change the name if you have any suggestions).

The owner of this Quirk can create fire like any other fire wielder. But really when the fire is released, the fire takes in a different form, sort of like a shape. There are only two different forms: a fire wall and a fire dome.

Fire Wall:
- The flaming wall is activated by the user's right arm, and the wall can be in varying sizes. For example, if the person lit his finger (or the tip of it) on fire and released it, the wall will be the size of the person's hand. If the wielder enveloped their own hand and released it, it will be the size of the person's torso, etc.
- Added note, the wall levitates and can be controlled by telekinesis. But the speed of the telekinesis depends on the size of the fire wall (e.g. if bigger, then telepathized slower, and smaller for greater speeds), and the person can only move it by having direct eye contact. Downside, the telekinesis for the fiery wall is more like the mind is pushing it back and forth in the same area. It's not free roam.

Fire Dome:
- By activating with the person's left arm, it creates a hot flaming dome covering the wielder. It can also envelop someone with the user in a 6 yd (about 5.49 m) radius, and the height of it is about 6 ft (about 1.83 m)

Other Factors:
- The time duration is 3 minutes when it's not disturbed. If the user tries to release more fire, the previous fiery wall/dome will disappear.
- Stuff can go through fire. So none of the fire walls/domes are any good for protection.
- Even by creating the walls and domes, the wielder can still have the whole body set ablaze without actually releasing it.
- Gets dehydrated

(I might not be able to answer right away because I wrote this very late, VERY LATE! So, I'll be sleeping.)
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One of my unfinished Drawings

So I was randomly scrolling through my gallery and saw this, I decided to post since this is a bnha community, oh and btw I’m not finished with it.

Post image
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My Hero Academia: Two Heroes

So I’m really confused here..mind helping me out please? I live in Australia and I recently heard there was the first movie of BNHA coming out. However, what I’m concerned about it when it comes out. All the edits on insta I have seen have comments mostly saying,” it was awesome!!” “I saw it in cinemas it’s amazing! I love Melissa!” And all that. The fact that I live in Australia, the movie doesn’t release in Eng Dub til October; same month Season 4 releases. The movie is meant to be watched BEFORE the last two episodes of season 3, bc season 3 episodes 62 & 63 are about the students starting their second semester. The movie is them going on holiday after ending first semester. I apologise if that all confusing 😅 hopefully y’all can help me out? I just wanna know the release date for the Dub in Australia, I see many edits of the dub but kissanime doesn’t work and the rest are all crappy quality.
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How is Dabi a B-ranked villain?

How is Dabi a B-ranked villain? He is the strongest member of the vanguard action squad, which includes muscular and moonfish who are A-ranked villains?
Comment down below to tell me what u think.
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So I Kinda Don't Like Midnight

I'm not sure how the majority of fans feel about Midnight, but I never liked her not one bit, and the reason may be a bit surprising. Here's a quote from the wikia that explains why:

"When [Midnight] accepted Mashirao Ojiro and Nirengeki Shoda’s request to resign from the tournament, she commented that their naivety “turned her on”."

It doesn't bother anyone else that the naivety of UNDERAGE BOYS aroused her, a thirty-one-year-old woman? I mean, think about what the word 'naivety' means. It means ignorance, usually due to age and/or lack of experience, or innocence. That's... an extremely questionable thing to be sexually attracted to, ESPECIALLY when it's a trait exhibited by someone who's underage. I mean, think about it. If Midnight was a man and Mashirao and Nirengeki were girls, people would probably label her as a Minoru level pervert for that comment, maybe even WORSE because of the pedophilic undertones. But that just didn't happen. It feels like a double standard to me, and I've noticed this particular double standard not only here, but in real life as well, which, frankly, is quite depressing. And the fact that this moment was played for laughs really rubbed me the wrong way because it felt like they were treating this sort of thing as a joke instead of as a serious issue. Idk. She may or may not have been joking (if she was joking, then it was wildly inappropriate, and she needs to ask Emi/Ms. Joke for comedy lessons), but to me, it felt like she wasn't. And for this reason, I heavily dislike her. I made this post because I wanted to hear what other people thought of this. Idk why, but I get the feeling that I'm probably overreacting...

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Who’s the best hero in the world

  • All might
  • Deku
  • Todiroki
  • Bakugo
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Why does everyone think that there is a traitor? Did they forget that the LOV got a hold of the UA schedule? Or am I missing something?
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What was the percentage of all mights United States of smash?

If you recall, izuku beat the augmenting quirk guy with one for all 1,000,000% so if that was only enough to take down that guy, and all might took down all for one, then how high was the percentage of all mights finisher with all for one?
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Chi di questi personaggi preferisci di più

  • Dabi
  • Shigaraki Tomura
  • Chisaki Kai
  • Twice
  • Chronostasis
  • Muscular
  • Stain
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Who’s buffer Bakugo or Todoroki

EDIT: Due to photos and proof shown in the comments, I now think Bakugo is buffer. *Takes back vote for Todoroki*

Who’s buffer
  • Todoroki
  • Bakugo
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Who’s your favorite teacher?

I love and appreciate Aizawa.
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I'm curious, how did you guys discover My Hero Academia?

How I discovered My Hero Academia was when I finished watching Season 2 of Sword Art Online in the summer of 2018, I was looking through VRV (yes I use it), and in the app, there was a section of "Most Popular" anime. My Hero Academia was there, but Fairy Tail was also there. I chose Fairy Tail. I didn't know what I was putting myself through in Fairy Tail since I had no clue that it had several seasons, but I watched a bit of the first episode. Then I went over to a section called "More Like This [Fairy Tail]" and My Hero Academia was there. I read the description of it, and thought, "This looks cool." I started watching it, and I made a great decision that day!

(For those of you that like Fairy Tail, I will eventually watch it)
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Quali dei due personaggi preferisci?

  • Midoria
  • Bakugo
  • Todoroki
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My question

Please could you tell me when Deku learnt to control over his quirk???
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Best Girl and Boi?

Who do you think is best Girl and Boi? I have a lot of favorite characters, but I put a list on my profile.

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